Just because my sister @pamelasarai likes Lana Del Ray (at Las Americas Premium Outlets)

Just because my sister @pamelasarai likes Lana Del Ray (at America Plaza)

RIP Jay Adams for Dogtown z-boys. You will forever be the greatest skateboarder of all times! Rest in peace Jay Adams

Breakfast in the morning with @pamelasarai

I’m boredπŸ˜”! I hate SUMMER 🌞!

For those who don’t know yet… I went crazy and “dyed” my hair blond last Friday, just because IM CRAZY! Nothing else!! Just because IM CRAZY!! Thank you πŸ‘±πŸ‘

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Im so EXCITED that The Drums are releasing a new album after three years!! I Been waiting for this for a lot time time!! Can wait to go see them on October!!

HiπŸ˜‹ (at Regal Rancho Del Rey 16)

"I was going crazy; I was desolate and ready to kill; But maybe I believe in another place
If you go, you won’t look back
And anywhere you go you know
The ugliness will follow you still.”
(at La Jolla Cove)

"When you truly LOVE yourself, you don’t have ENEMIES.’ They may HATE you but you’re to big to hate them BACK." (at La Jolla Cove)

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Got the opportunity to re-meet Pristine’s brother today…This little dude right here is one smart/funny 9 year old…. He told me “you should buy pizza and have a movie night with me”… I told him that Pristine was tell us to leave and we can have a movie night, because of her!! He said “don’t listen to Pristine! we’ll have a movie night with pizza and Pristine is not invited” then he whispered to her saying “I Love You Pristine” aww .. But she was to busy talk to CHRIS to hear it you butt face!! (at Chillin with Bobby πŸ˜„βœŒοΈ)

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